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Next week's episode will be the last episode of TBTP arc. This means fillers are coming up soon. (v.v)I like the way the Hollowfication process is animated. It's really cool.I also like how Shinji totally owned Tousen! (^-^)The part I like best is the part where Urahara literally jumps out from the shadows to save Shinji.SummaryShunsui is taking a walk in the darkness and he seems troubled. He bumps into two guards and praises them for still working. Shunsui then spots Aizen, and he comments that Aizen seems to be having a sleepless night too. As Shunsui continues walking, he comes across a young Nanao Ise who is holding a book. He remembers her name, and she tells him she is honored. He tells her that he always makes it a point to remember the names of young girls and since Nanao visits every month, it's natural that he remembers. Nanao says she wants to read with Vice-Taichou, Lisa again, but Shunsui tells her that she isn't around. When Nanao asks why, he tells her that Lisa is on a very important mission, but will definitely be back in the morning.Elsewhere, the Shinigami are still trying to keep Kensei at bay. Hachigen has no choice but to use a level 99 Bakudo Spell to hold Kensei down. Just when everyone thinks that it's safe, Hiyori begins to transform. When her mask appears, she cuts Shinji. Love and Lisa run towards Hiyori, but Love is cut down by Tousen. Shinji witnesses everything and questions Tousen why he betrayed his own Taichou, Kensei. Aizen and Gin then appear. Aizen tells his Taichou that Tousen didn't betray anyone, and is in fact very loyal as Tousen followed all of his orders.Shinji reveals to Aizen that the reason why he chose Aizen as his Vice-Taichou is to keep watch of him as he always has doubts about Aizen. However, unfortunately, according to Aizen, these same doubts are the cause of his downfall. Instead of trying to connect with Aizen and learn more about him like other Taichou with their Vice-Taichou, Shinji always keeps a distance from Aizen. That is why Aizen was able to trick Shinji with his Zanpakuto's illusions. The fact is throughout the past month, the person who was walking behind Shinji was not Aizen but a replacement. However, Shinji did not once suspect that. Aizen then explains that he was the one who chose Shinji and not Shinji who chose him.Feeling agitated, Shinji starts to transform. The other Shinigami around him also start to transform. Aizen comments that Hollowfication proceeds faster when the subjects are agitated. Aizen orders Tousen to cut down Hiyori but Shinji steps in and starts fighting with Tousen. Tousen is having trouble fighting Shinji and Shinji is transforming faster. Aizen then steps in. Just when Aizen is about to give Shinji his finishing blow, Urahara, who is wearing his reiatsu-hiding cloak, arrives and saves Shinji.PicturesYoung Nanao-chan. So cute!!~~Lisa is of no match for Kensei.Hachigen uses 'Way of Binding No. 99: Restrain' to hold Kensei down.Hiyori starts to transform and the first Shinigami she attacks is Shinji.Everyone is trapped in Tousen's darkness.Aizen and Gin appear.Shinji did not notice Aizen's replacement.Shinji and others start to transform.Shinji vs. Tousen! (Yea! Shinji manages to kick Tousen's ass. ^-^)Aizen: 'There is no fear when one expects to be betrayed. What's truly terrifying is when betrayal is unexpected, Hirako Taichou.'Urahara and Tessai appear to save Shinji and others.
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