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Cuuhlhourne is seriously ugly!! It's funny to see Yumichika and Cuuhlhourne arguing over who is uglier, even though it's obvious who really is uglier. Like Yumichika, I couldn't stop laughing when I see Cuulhlhourne's released form. There's only one word to describe him: UGLY! The only beautiful thing about Cuuhlhourne I can think of is his attack 'Rosa Blanca'.I like Yumichika's real Zanpakutou's name - Ruriiro Kujaku. It's way cooler than Fuji Kujaku. The way it feeds on the opponent's reiatsu is amazing. I'm so glad to see Cuuhlhourne defeated. He's plain irritating.Mini SummaryYumichika vs Charlotte CuuhlhourneThe winner is Yumichika!! Yay! Real Beauty wins! PicturesWho's uglier? What's there to argue? The answer is so obvious!According to Yumichika, Cuuhlhourne's hair looks like seaweed. (Agree!!)According to Cuuhlhourne, Yumichika's hair looks like a toadstool. (Agree too! LOL)The real fight begins!Yumichika manages to cut Cuuhlhourne's 'beautiful' hair and p*ssed him off.'Reina de Rosas' - Cuuhlhourne's released form. (hahi.. ero hito!)LOL ROFLWith his released form, Cuuhlhourne becomes stronger and faster.Yumichika is no match for Cuuhlhourne.'Rosa Blanca' - Cuuhlhourne's most beautiful and cruel attack.Yumichika is trapped inside the rosebush and no one can see him nor sense his reiatsu.Since no one can see him, Yumichika decides to unleash the true powers of his Zanpakutou. 'Split and deviate, Ruriiro Kujaku'Badass looking Yumichika!The vines are feeding on Cuuhlhourne's reistsu and when..the flowers on the vines bloom, it's all over for Cuuhlhourne.
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