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So so cool!!! Hisagi is so cool!! This episode reaffirms why he's my favorite Vice-Taichou! This is the first time he releases his Zanpakutou. The reason why he hardly releases his Zanpakutou is because he does not really like his Zanpakutou. I personally like the way he wields his Zanpakutou. Too cool!! I find this episode's animation very good. I'm really loving the Fake Karakura Town Arc so far!Next week, it's Ikkaku's turn. It's sad that he has to be the one being defeated. (v.v)Mini SummaryHisagi vs FindorFindor is pleased that Hisagi notices that he's fighting at the fifth-seat level and then continues breaking off his mask until his powers finally reach the so-called vice-Taichou level. At that level, Hisagi has a hard time fighting against him. None of his attacks hit Findor, and he gets slashed a few times during the fight. As the fight continues, Hisagi starts panting more and this makes Findor think that Hisagi is not strong enough to be a vice-Taichou. Findor then releases his Zanpakutou (Resurreccion). His Resurreccion is called Pinza Aguda and when released, it takes the form of claws (one big and one small) on his arms.After a short fight with Findor having the upper hand, Hisagi releases his Zanpakutou, which is called Kazeshini. Hisagi tells Findor that he doesn't like his Zanpakutou very much as it has the shape of something that reaps lives. Findor is unable to grasp the movement of Hisagi's Zanpakutou and this give Hisagi the upper hand. Hisagi then talks about fearing his sword, however, Findor does not understand. As the fight continues, Findor breaks off most of the remaining parts of his mask (90% in total) and he claims that he is now as powerful as a Taichou. Hisagi reacts by slicing Findor’s big claw into half, and he then recites something that Tousen once taught him: a person who is not afraid of the sword he holds is not worthy of holding the sword. In desperation, Findor tries to fire a point-blank cero, but Hisagi cuts through it and kills him. However, this victory is short-lived as suddenly one of the pillars gets destroyed, and everyone is surprised to see that it's Ikkaku who is defeated.PicturesHisagi vs FindorHisagi is no match for Findor's released form.Hisagi decides to release his Zanpakutou too. Its name is Kazeshini.Hisagi now has the upper hand.Findor breaks 90% of his mask and he claims that he's at the Taichou level.Despite that, his claw is slashed into half by Hisagi.Tousen's teachings which Hisagi still rememberHisagi slices through Findor's cero and defeats Findor.Why is Yumichika looking so distraught?Because his best friend is down! (Ikkaku!! Get up!)
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