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Hitsugaya and Halibel continue shooting ice and water at each other.Uh... if you had such a great move, why didn't you use it earlier?Summary:After losing her left arm, Soifon tells her lieutenant Omaeda to keep Barragan busy while she attempts something. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya managed to block Halibel's last attack and the two combatants start sending water and ice attacks back and forth. Both Hitsugaya and Halibel are waiting for the surrounding area to fill with condensation so they can power up for a final attack, but Hitsugaya is sick of waiting and decides to use his secret technique to summon all the moisture from the clouds above.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I don't get it. Hitsugaya was getting smacked around in bankai when Halibel was still in her usual form, but now he's fighting evenly with her true form and he didn't really power up again. Weird. Anyways, it looks Hitsugaya wants to send the heavens (clouds) crashing down on Halibel, but wouldn't Halibel be able to reverse the attack and send it back at Hitsugaya. Maybe at that point the battle would really devolve into a game of Pong/hot potatoes (according to this comment). Even though Hitsugaya is doing a lot better than I thought, I still don't think he has what it takes to beat Halibel.As for Soifon, I still don't get why she has released her bankai? Maybe her bankai is like her shikai and requires her to be really close to the opponent to work? It's pretty much now or never for Soifon, as Omaeda won't be able to keep Barragan busy for too long.
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