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This episode reminds me of how slow the Bleach manga is progressing. Manga readers will know that the Hitsugaya vs Halibel fight is still going on in the manga. I can totally foresee a filler arc coming soon. This episode is mostly setting up several battles which will be all going on at the same time. The battle which I'm most interested in is Shunsui vs Stark, which is also still ongoing in the manga. Both characters are very similar in terms of personality and perhaps strength. Stark is a very high ranking Espada while Shunsui has not yet shown his true strength. It'll be interesting to see how they pit against each other.Mini SummaryBarragan is very angry with the performance of his fraccion and gets off his throne. His remaining two fraccion promise results and have him sit back down. Across the battlefield, Shinigami and Arrancar find themselves matched up against one another and prepare to fight.Shunsui vs StarkBoth Stark and Shunsui do not enjoy battling seriously, however Shunsui feels that he has no choice but to do so in this situation.Matsumoto vs Halibel's three fraccionMatsumoto's plan of insulting them to get them angry works as they gather in one spot to argue. She notes that they’ve lost their three against one advantage. She then uses Haineko to surround them with ash, but unfortunately, they are able to break free using combined cero.Hitsugaya vs HalibelDespite her opponent being smaller, Halibel draws out her sword right from the start.Omaeda vs Barragan's fraccionOmaeda is having trouble against one of Barragan’s fraccion.Soifon vs Barragan's fraccionSoifon is not having much trouble with the other Barragan's fraccion. She pins him down with a kidou spell and then brings out Suzumebachi to finish him off.SummaryShunsui vs StarkMatsumoto vs Halibel's three fraccionHitsugaya vs HalibelOmaeda vs Barragan's fraccionSoi Fon vs Barragan's fraccionBakudou No. 30: Shitotsu Sansen
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