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More coverage of the shinigami vs. Espada fights in fake Karakura Town.Sharks can't swim in frozen water.Summary:Stark and Kyoraku are still fighting casually when Stark notices the sky has darkened. The change in the sky is caused by Hitsugaya, who calls down his ultimate attack “Hyoten Hyakasso” which starts falling towards Harribel in the form of snow. Harribel tries to repel the attack, but her body starts to freeze up as it comes in contact with the snow, and soon the Espada is trapped in a tower of frozen flowers.Meanwhile, Omaeda is still busy running away from Barragan. As Omaeda leaps across to another building, Soifon is hiding at the base of the building and calls upon her bankai.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hitsugaya actually won!? Unpossible!! As someone has noted before, Harribel is too sexy to be defeated by the likes of Hitsugaya. You can’t just do away with the token female villain so easily... Not sure if Harribel will make a comeback, but right now it seems like Hitsugaya has the fight wrapped up with his ice flower tower.On the other front, Soifon is finally calling upon her bankai, but the fact that she needed Omaeda to provide a distraction means that there are probably quirks to her bankai that makes it unsuitable for confronting Barragan head on. Or perhaps it’s just Soifon’s style to sneak attack people.
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