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The battlefield undergoes a dramatic change as Wonderweiss arrives with the giant one-eyed monster in tow.Summary:All of shinigami watch in shock as Wonderweiss and the giant one-eyed monster emerges from the portal, and Komakura notices that the giant monster was the what whisked Aizen and his subordinates away from the Soul Society. While all the shinigamis are watching the monster, Wonderweiss sneaks behind Ukitake and stabs the shinigami in the back with his hand. Kyoraku immediately appears behind Wonderweiss to take down the arrancar, but he is shot in the back by Stark. Stark notes that the arrival of Wonderweiss means Aizen is tired of waiting. Wonderweiss lets out a loud scream, and soon after Harribel breaks out of Hitsugaya's ice tower and Barragan emerges from the smoke. The giant monster blows out the flames set by Yammamoto and thus frees Aizen, Tosen, and Ichimaru. Down on one of the buildings, Kira thinks that it's all over given that half of the shinigamis are down and the enemy is stronger than ever. However, before Aizen and his forces can renew their attacks against the shinigamis, Shinji and the Visoreds suddenly appear in the battlefield looking for some payback.New arrivals to the party.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wow, that was a pretty pretty quick turn of events with Kyoraku and Ukitake getting blasted and then the Visoreds appearing out of nowhere. Rather than Aizen being tired of waiting, I think Kubo is getting tired or shinigami vs. Espada fights himself and decided to tag in the Visoreds. I wanted to see Kyoraku and Ukitake use their bankais, but the Visoreds should be pretty interesting as well. Still a little disappointed that Kyoraku and Ukitake were taken out so quickly though, given how they are supposed to two of the strongest captains.In other news, I'm glad that Shark Girl (Harribel) and Skull King (Barragan) are still alive, but that was expected given how neither Hitsugaya nor Soifon's final attack looked that impressive. So now we have eight Visoreds on the battlefield, all of them former captain and lieutenant-class shinigamis with hollow mask powers, which means they are probably stronger than most of the current shinigamis. However, the bad guys now have the giant monster, Wonderweiss, and Aizen and his two buddies are free as well, so it's hard to still who's going to end up on the casualty list first. I have no doubt that Aizen is eventually going to move on though.Now that the Visoreds have shown up, I guess the next "surprise" arrival will be Urahara's group.
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